Boost your Microsoft Teams and Outlook skills with the help of these classes

With many companies still mostly working from home these days, teamwork and collaboration haven't always been easy to come by. Well, maybe not the old-fashioned way, at least.

While you can't sit around a conference table and spitball ideas or run into a co-worker in the break room and hammer out a problem, many organizations are relying on videoconferencing and other technological means to keep co-workers coordinated and in sync.

And in this brave, new disconnected world, Microsoft Teams is really stepping to the forefront of this currently unfolding age in business communication. Just this week, Teams raised the bar again with their new Coordinated Meetings feature, which allows all Team members to connect and sync all their Teams devices in the virtual meeting room. That effectively eliminates the echo and feedback noise participants get when new devices join a meeting.

With Teams taking on an increasing role in the business communication space, the in-depth instruction found in The Essential 2020 Microsoft Teams Training Course can help get you up to speed on everything Microsoft Teams can do for you and…well, your team.

It's all explained in the Microsoft Teams course. This comprehensive training can not only get you started using Teams, but it also examines all the productivity features and benefits stashed away inside this valuable software. 

For the uninitiated, Teams is more than simple chat — and over 35 lectures with almost 4 hours of content, you'll get started setting up Teams, learning how to manage members and channels, how to gather meeting notes and how to post and receive both public and private messages from teammates via Teams. You'll also get a full examination of both online and desktop versions of Teams so you'll always be aware of the differences.

But just because you're now a Teams whiz, that doesn't mean you should forget about your old friend Microsoft Outlook. In your second course here, Learn Microsoft Outlook 2019, you'll uncover all the hidden depths of this communication perennial as well — and Outlook isn't just your email box either.

In addition, to complete training in the basics of email management and controlling your calendar, this 6.5-hour course also explores features like managing contacts, auto-replies, recalling messages, tasks, notes and more.

You can have a full understanding of the keys to both Microsoft Teams and Outlook, usually priced at $174, now for almost 90 percent off, only $19.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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