Elevate your video shoots with these 20 gimbals, selfie sticks, and other accessories that are on sale

Having a webcam isn't enough these days. We've assembled over 20 gimbals, lights, tripods, full kits, and more to elevate your video game, whether you're making elaborate YouTube videos or just trying not to get mocked on the company call. 

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Go for it, Tarantino!

Gimbals and Selfie Sticks

Pictar Smart Selfie Stick – $42.29 after discount; originally $69

The Pictar Smart Selfie Stick is the world's most advanced DIY shooter with a six-button control panel built right into the handle. At full extension, you control the tilt, the zoom, the brightness, everything — you can even switch between the front and rear cameras. And it comes with 20 different shooting modes to snap the best selfies possible.

Hohem iSteady X 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer (Black) – $58.65 after discount; originally $79

Hohem iSteady X 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer (White) – $58.65 after discount; originally $79

This gimbal is so small and lightweight that it actually folds up to fit in your pocket. But with its improved motor and iSteady 3.0 algorithm working away inside, you get video and images with less movement and shaking than ever before. From closeups to wide shots, you can follow built-in cinematic templates on the Hohem Pro app to capture any look and feel you want. It's also available in both black and white to fit your preferred phone look. 

Hohem iSteady Multi 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer – $126.65 after discount; originally $169

Whether you've got a smartphone, a DSLR or even a GoPro or another action camera, this 3-in-1 gimbal has you covered. It's six working modes offer a variety of range and angle options for your production — and it'll shoot up to 8 hours on a single charge.


If your filmmaking ambitions have reached Spielbergian proportions, you might want to consider a gimbal from Gudsen Technology's Moza line of stabilizers, sporting advanced features for everything from small action cameras to larger professional-grade cinema-quality cameras. 

MOZA Mini-MI Wireless Charging Smartphone Gimbal – $80.74 after discount; originally $109

While the Mini-MI is still a smartphone gimbal, it does go a step further than many models with a 5V input port for easy charging so you can keep your device powered up while you record. And considering the drain video recording puts on a phone battery, that's no small consideration if you're an avid videographer.

MOZA Slypod 2-in-1 Monopod and Rotation Slider – $365.49 after discount; originally $499

The world's first 2-in-1 motorized slider and monopod, the Slypod offers both strength and stability as you execute smooth glides and other movements with pinpoint accurate position, speed and control. If you're shooting in a studio-type environment, particularly photographing or filming products or static objects, the Slypod brings a truly professional sheen to your video.

MOZA AirCross 2 Professional Kit – $373.99 after discount; originally $519

If you aspire to Hollywood-level production, the AirCross 2 takes the gimbal to another level. At just 2 lbs., it's supremely light, yet its motor helps stabilize and execute Steadicam-quality images from most higher-end mirrorless and DSLR cameras on the market. From handheld to tracking shots, you can pull off cinematic video with literally one hand.

MOZA Air 2 Camera Gimbal Stabilizer – $433.50 after discount; originally $599

The Air 2 is Moza's Cadillac model, empowered by newly optimized high torque motors and next-generation FOC technology. Featuring 3 axes of pan, tilt, and toll, the Air 2 enables smooth filming from various angles with up to 20 different shooting optimizations, all with up to 16 hours of battery life. With a quality DSLR camera attached, you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between this and many professional film and TV productions.

Pods and Rotating Cams

360° Rotation Smart AI Object Tracking Gimbal – $33.99 after discount; originally $129

Lock down the Robo on your desk, then let the AI technology inside recognize your face and follow you wherever you go, taking both video and still images automatically. If you're tired of having to talk friends or family into shooting your videos, the Robo can handle it all for you with intelligent shooting and an infinite 360-degree rotation.

Movii 360° Rotating Selfie Stick – $50.14 after discount; originally $85

With the on-board AI acting as your cinematographer, composing and optimizing pro-grade shoots, the Movii can help you get YouTube videos and other studio shoots finished in no time.  But just in case you need to spend some extra time, the Movii serves up to 50 hours of continuous working time so you can find the take you really like.

Pivo Pod Smart Interactive Pod – $93.49 after discount; originally $159

Pivo Pod Silver Smart Interactive Pod – $118.99 after discount; originally $199

Here's a cam that'll take selfies and shoot videos with a snap of your fingers. In addition to tracking features and the ability to respond to voice and sound commands, the Pivo Pod can also live stream to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and 29 more platforms, all at once. And there are 9 fun Quick Create modes, so you can time-lapse your video, combine video and still images and even clone yourself up to 16 times in a single frame.

While the Pivo Pod is cool enough, you can also step up to the improved Pivo Pod Silver, which rotates 360 degrees in just 4 seconds, twice as fast as the original Pivo Pod. Tripod-ready, it also comes with a handy travel case so you can always take your shoots on the road with you.


Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod – $16.14 after discount; originally $24

Created for use in the real world, this flexible tripod and its five sturdy, durable legs can adjust to lock your camera into virtually any position. The tight, protective grip keeps your smartphone, compact camera or action camera secure as you contort it in every direction. You can even use the Splat to mount your camera to a wall.

Pakpod Adventure Tripod – $59.49 after discount; originally $99

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, Cult of Mac said the "Pakpod is a must-have piece of gear." The ultimate adventure tripod, the Pakpod is waterproof, weighs less than a pound and can help you anchor, adjust and aim your camera from virtually any location to get your shot fast, from the wilderness to the urban jungle to underwater.


Pictar Smart LED Light – $33.99 after discount; originally $49

Bad lighting does a lot more damage to an otherwise quality video than you think. This compact LED array works perfectly with a smartphone or camera to offer powerful, even lighting that can make all the difference in your shoot. And through the Pictar app, you can set any of 20 preset shooting modes or adjust everything from your light temperature to white balance.

2-in-1 Dimmable LED Selfie Ring Light – $50.99 after discount; originally $119

Videoconferencing can turn almost anyone into the walking dead on-cam, but this 2-in-1 LED ring light with three distinct lighting options instantly livens up your video. With this kit, you can hook this light to your tripod and extend it over 6 feet high, letting you create just the lighting effect you want. It's also USB-powered, so it plugs into any laptop or backup battery easily.


11-in-1 Smartphone Photography Accessory Bundle – $21.24 after discount; originally $129

Compatible with both Samsung Android phones and iPhones, this collection is a down-and-dirty field kit to instantly improve your phone video shooting on the fly. From a tripod to a light, from a remote, lens and even a 30-inch selfie stick, this bundle picks in all the instant tools needed for on the go shoots.

Selfie Studio with LED Ring Light and Phone Holder – $33.99 after discount; originally $59

An easy addition to your desk, this sturdy mounting system includes a universal phone holder to tightly grip your phone, and an LED ring light with three light types and 10 different brightness settings so you'll always look your best in video meetings, online classes or even just a quick Facetime session.

U-STREAM Video Conference Kit with Light and Tripod – $39.09 after discount; originally $99

This set brings a little more firepower to your new desk-based video studio, including a 10-inch ring light with its own remote control, and an adjustable tripod stand that extends up to 5 feet. You'll never look washed out in your next video stream again.

Pictar Home-Office Kit – $76.49 after discount; originally $139

This package brings together Pictar's greatest hits into one complete accessory collection that can instantly elevate your home studio. First, the Pictar Wide-Angle Smart Lens doubles the angle of view, so you always capture the whole scene not just part of it. Your phone or camera can rest on the always reliable Splat 3N1 Flexible Tripod, and you can make sure you look great with LED light from the Pictar Smart Light.

Prices are subject to change.

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