Stock up on 20 premium cables, chargers, and power banks that are on sale for Labor Day

Whenever you happen to need a charging cable or a power battery…hey, wait a minute, where did that go?

Between the house, your vehicle and all those evildoers that blatantly steal your stuff (otherwise known as family, friends and co-workers), it's tough to keep track of where all your tech accessories are at a moment's notice.

So instead of rampaging around the house looking for a lost connector, just outfit all of your most important spots with their own set of cables, chargers and power banks. Right now, you can save up to 70 percent off these 20 gotta-have-em items for keeping all of your tech at full strength.

So get one set for your home office, one set for the car, one for the actual office and one you hide deep in your desk where no one else will ever find it. You'll thank us for that later.

Cables and Accessories

Plugies MagTech: USB-C to MagTech Cable – $11.99; originally $39

Plugies are so useful that it's hard to believe no one invented them before. With these magnetic snap-and-charge plugs, the heads allow you to just hold your device near the cable and it snaps right into place. At 6.6 feet long and sporting nylon braided cable for durability and flexibility, these are great when you're constantly worried that a snagged cable will send your device or laptop flying.

3.3Ft Supercord 3-in-1 Charging Cable – $19.99; originally $36

With interchangeable Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning connectors, this cable lets you fast charge any of your devices one at a time. MFi-certified for high-speed charging up to 12W, Android and iOS devices can both live in harmony side by side powering up with this Kevlar-seethed, junction reinforced supercable.

Eco Recharge USB Rechargeable Batteries: 4-Pack – $15.99; originally $49

Why keep dumping disposable batteries into the garbage? The landfills don't agree that they're disposable. Whenever you run down the Eco Recharge battery, just plug in the USB cable and recharge it. It'll work up to 500 times. So the 4-pack, available in AA or AAA sizes, are the same as 2,000 of old batteries. Not a bad trade.


Portable Keychain Apple Watch Charger – $16.99; originally $29

In about 150 minutes, this pint-sized charger can get your Apple Watch back to full power. Just plug it into a USB port on your laptop or other device, drape the watch on top and let your device drink in the wireless charging vibe. It's made to transport on a keychain and it's compatible with all Series Apple Watch models.

Wireless Charger for Apple Airpods + Phones – $16.99; originally $49

For when your bigger Apple products need a recharge, this 5W Qi charger stands ready. It's got an indentation sized perfectly for an AirPods carrying case, but this pad works with any wirelessly charged device without fear of overheating or battery damage. The pad's even got its own temperature control design, so your device never gets too hot to touch.

Surge Duo Dual USB and Dual Surge Charging Station – $18.99; originally $49

This desktop hub is the answer for keeping your workspace organized at all times. Featuring a pair of smart-charging USB ports and two standard AC outlets, all your devices can stay charged at once, even though the Surge Duo has individual control switches to separately control the power flow to all the various outlets. There's even an LED light so you know everything is powering up like it should.

Crave 10W Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Stand – $24.99; originally $39

Lightweight, compact, and quick to adjust, this Qi-charging stand goes with you wherever you're headed. Backed by 10W of premium power output, you can even perfectly position your phone to keep using it while you get a power up without ever slipping, falling or tipping. It even sports a low-profile design so it blends into any surroundings. 

Naztech Fast Multi-Port Wall Charger – $29.99; originally $39

When you've got a lot of hardware that all needs power now, this Naztech wall charger has you covered with six outlets. Designed to feed power simultaneously to any combination of devices, the twin grounded power outlets team up with 4 high-speed USB ports, each equipped with IntelliQ Smart Chips to monitor your power flow the whole way. The wall-mounted design is a handy space saver as well.

AirZeus 3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charging Pad – $32.99; originally $99

Got an iPhone, AirPods and an Apple Watch that all need a kick? The AirZeus can accommodate. The 3-in-1 pad is as minimalist as they come so it fits in any space, but just lay your Apple devices on top and the fast charging wireless power starts flowing. On top of that, it'll also help you reduce cable clutter and avoid that knot of connectors that nobody wants to see.

Urban Warrior Wireless Charging Box – $58; originally $65

This is on the go charging done right. Inside this pocket-sized box, you've got a wireless charger, 6 charging cables, a SIM kit, a phone cradle, and a memory reader. So no matter which device needs power, you've got the means to bring it back to life all in this compact, ultra-efficient power aide. It's even got an LED flashlight inside, because…ya never know.

Omnia Q2 True Wireless 2+1 Fast Charging Stand – $75.95; originally $89

Ultra-slim and ultra-powerful, the Omnia supports dual unlimited fast charging. MFi-certified, you can attach an Apple Watch to the exclusive magnetic charging stand, while your phone charges wirelessly an inch away. Best of all, the overvoltage, multiple circuit, and overheating protection mean you can recharge with 100 percent safety.

Power Banks

RAVPower 20,000mAh Dual Port Power Bank – $24.99; originally $36

With a whopping 20,000mAh battery capacity, the RAVPower can charge the average iPhone from zero to full more than four times. And once it's drained, the 2A or 2.4A adapter can recharge it in about 9 or 10 hours, at least twice the speed of slower adapters. With a pair of Dual iSmart USB ports, your devices will get the fast infusion of juice they need from this nearly inexhaustible resource.

Naztech Ultimate Power Station – $49.99; originally $59

Hook up five devices via USB, then lay on a sixth for Qi wireless charging — and this Naztech power hub gets to work. The station serves up fast charging on any Qi-enabled devices, while charging fully drained devices to 50 percent full in just 30 minutes. The 4,000mAh battery can even juice up USB-C devices with a lightning-fast 3A output.

SuperMini 10,000mAh Charger + SuperCord USB-C to Lightning Cable – $57.99; originally $114

The smallest and lightest 10,000mAh charger on the market, the SuperMini packs a whole lot of charging power in its credit card-sized shape. Just slip it into your pocket and you've got enough juice to run a phone for 2 or 3 days. Along with the USB-C to Lightning connector, the SuperMini is also great for low powered devices like smartwatches and wireless earbuds.

Naztech 20,000mAh Fabric Power Bank – $59.99; originally $89

Engineered with a USB-C power delivery and dual Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 ports, you can charge up to 3 devices at the fastest speed possible. And if they're compatible Qualcomm QC 3.0 devices, that happens four times faster than with a standard charger. Thankfully, this great power also comes with great responsibility: TSA-approved capacity, temperature regulation, and overvoltage, short-circuit and overcurrent protection. Not bad for a battery that's only .9 inches thick.

Zendure A8PD: 26,800mAh 5-USB Port Power Bank (Silver) – $89.99; originally $149

Most batteries, even power banks, can't handle charging bigger devices like a MacBook or a Nintendo Switch. But with 5 USB PD ports and 26,800mAh capacity, the A8PD has the goods to back up the talk. And in addition to its multifaceted safety protections, it's also got an LED digital screen to show you exactly how much power you have left.

The big guns

Ntonpower Portable Power Station – $139.99

Built for outdoor adventures or unexpected power outages, this portable power generator is a monster. From USB ports to a built-in AC outlet for running laptops or TVs, even a DC port for holiday lights, charging air pumps, car refrigerators, even drones, this massive 45,000mAh capacity battery can do it all powerwise. And on top of all that, it's even solar rechargeable.

Casa Hub Pro 11-in-1 Full-Function Charging Transmission Hub – $140.99; originally $179

There are multi-port hubs…then there are multi-port hubs with 11 ports. With PD 30 fast-charging up to 100W, a stable enough power supply to keep a 15-inch MacBook Pro up and running, this hub transfers power and data as well as even displaying extended and mirrored images. And with outputs for USB, HDMI, VGA, SD and microSD cards, even 3.5mm audio, there's practically nothing the Casa Hub Pro can't handle.

And finally…

JOT Battery Base for Google Home Mini – $16.99; originally $34

The JOT gets your Google Home Mini off the cord and sets it free to roam. Slide your Home Mini into this portable battery base, untether the cord and now, your smart assistant can go anywhere in your home. And with eight hours of battery life, you'll be able to play your music, control smart home functions, ask questions and more from all over.

Loft Battery Base for Google Home – $16.99; originally $49

If it's good enough for the Home Mini, cut the cord on your Google Home as well. With this battery base, you can take Google Home from room to room and still do all the cool voice-activated stuff you enjoy, all with an eight-hour battery

Prices are subject to change.

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