How to launch and run a remote D&D game from quarantine, the Wirecutter way

Over at Wirecutter, my friend and colleague James Austin has a wonderful new guide that covers everything you need to run a remote/online Dungeons and Dragons campaign with your friends while still keeping a social distance from everything but goblins (it's always goblins). Most importantly, the article includes this wonderful passage:

The real world is a pretty stressful place to exist in right now, but playing D&D with my family, even though we're stuck thousands of miles away from one another, has helped all of us cope. Ironically, one of the most common ways to kick off a D&D campaign is also one of the many things the pandemic has made impossible in daily life: You and your friends meet in a tavern. What do you do next?

Overall, it's a delightful, accessible, and comprehensive read, whether you're new to D&D, or you're just new to the idea of Zoom campaigns. If you look closely, you may even catch my visage in one of the screenshots.(I've actually been playing one with my high school friends for about a year now; I'm an Eldritch Warlock named Smugairle Rón who's basically a cheery door-to-door Mormon missionary-type, except he worships Cthulhu.)

Forget Zoom Happy Hours. My Family's Online D&D Sessions Are the Most Fun We've Had in Years. [James Austin / Wirecutter]

Image via Wirecutter