This do-it-all dashcam shoots in two directions and sees in the dark

We all know it's a rough world out there. And while we'd like to believe that everyone is honorable at heart, trustworthy, and makes thoughtful compassionate choices, we all know that isn't always the case.

Bottom line — you can't trust everyone else out there on the road. That's why dashboard cameras have become increasingly essential for documenting traffic collisions, road rage incidents, and all the other craziness that happens when you get behind the wheel. 

And having a camera that also records back into the car, just enough so you can find out which kid really did start that backseat war…well, that's just an added bonus.

The Rexing V3 Dash Cam goes well beyond the bounds of standard dash cams, including cool features that offer peace of mind when you're driving.

The V3 features dual cameras, simultaneously shooting full HD quality 1080p video of the road ahead as well as your vehicle cabin. Whether it happened in front of you or behind you, the V3 will catch it. 

The cabin camera uses infrared lighting and a Sony STARVIS image sensor to create balanced images and footage while capturing an accurate image at any time, day or night. Yep, the IR night vision even lets you see what's happening in the dead of night. The V3 also has its own GPS logger, marking the time, date, location, and speed data on the video recordings.

The unit also includes built-in WiFi, so you can connect the V3 to your smartphone or tablet and save recordings right through the Rexing Connect app. 

That's not all. The V3 has Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. It'll sound an alert if your vehicle moves out of its lane or if you inch too close to the car in front of you. When the ignition is off, the V3 switches to the Park Surveillance Mode, automatically recording if the camera detects any vibration. If someone bumps you at the supermarket, now you'll know exactly who did it.

Packed with all these safety goodies, the V3 is an absolute hit on Amazon, where it's amassed almost 500 five-star reviews.

Regularly $199, you can pick up a Rexing V3 Dual Full HD WiFi Dash Cam now and save $30 off your total, down to just $169.

Prices are subject to change.

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