Save over 40% on a three-year subscription to Speedify's bonding VPN

With dozens and dozens of services offering virtual private network (VPN) protection for PC and mobile users, an overwhelming majority of those providers are working under the same model. Their approach is simple: connect to our private network and let us protect you. 

Despite all the similarities between all those companies, there are a few providers that are offering a decidedly different take on how to defend your web traffic and personal information online. Speedify and their current iteration Speedify 10 are one of those odd ducks in the VPN pond.

Speedify unifies all their PC and mobile services into one interface to offer their unique channel bonding technology. The first and only connectivity tool and VPN of its kinds, Speedify actually gathers up all the connection options you have available, including both WiFi and 4G, and splits your traffic needs across all your potential outlets.

By splitting your traffic, Speedify can serve up a truly optimized web speed and performance, so all of your downloads, web surfing, streaming and more happen at the fastest possible speed.

Meanwhile, that convergence of opportunities also allows Speedify users to enjoy their innovative failover feature. While normal VPN users lose connection and have to reenter protection mode when they move from WiFi to 4G coverage, Speedify offers a seamless transition between various connections while never losing connectivity. For users who don't want to reestablish a connection every time they leave the house, or for those with dead zones or spotty connections inside their home, Speedify could be an all-in-one answer to those frustrations.

In fact, Speedify actually looks out for the web interactions you care about the most, automatically detecting, protecting, and prioritizing real-time streaming traffic such as video calls and conferences, VoIP calls, live streaming, and gaming.

Meanwhile, you'll also enjoy many of the same advantages offered by all the other VPN providers, including encrypted web connections, the accessibility to unblock your favorite apps and services while at work, school, or anywhere else, and absolutely zero logging of any of your web activities ever.

Right now, a three-year subscription to Speedify 10 coverage is available for almost half off the regular price, only $59.99. And in case you'd rather try Speedify for a shorter time, you can also get big savings now on both 2-year ($49.99) and 1-year ($29.99) terms.