This metal wallet protects your cards from theft and is on sale for over 50% off

So what's your biggest overall concern about that wad of credit cards and cash you've got stuffed into your pocket? 

Are you worried that crooks will use radio-frequency identification (RFID) to read and swipe information stored on the chip attached to your card? Are you fretting about the bacteria and other viral matter that could be picked up every time you swipe your card or set anything down? Are you ust not a fan of big bulky wallets and money clips weighing down your trouser or jeans pockets?

The RFID Antimicrobial Copper GRID Wallet actually goes 3-for-3 against these concerns.

At about 2 oz. and less than 3.5 inches long, this gold-colored copper wallet cuts and efficient profile. Capable of holding up to 12 cards, the ultra-tight package crafted from two aluminum plates slips into your pocket easily for elegant simplicity.

In addition to a secure money clip that keeps your cash organized, this copper-encased wallet is a natural enemy of two major wallet concerns. First, the metal serves as a direct barrier to anyone trying to use RFID tech to steal information from your nearby cards. And the copper makes the whole unit antimicrobial.

Your cards always remain protected, there's a reduction in picking up harmful bacteria or other pathogens, and it's so light and portable that you'll ditch the big, bulky wallet plan forever. Put that all together and it all amounts to a fairly large win-win-win.

On top of all that, it's the wallet that actually cares about your finances. The GRID wallet retails for $85, but with the current offer, it's available at over half off the regular price, down to just $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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