This ultra-thin, ultra-powerful wireless charging pad can fast charge two devices at once.

Now that Qi compatibility is quickly becoming the technology norm, wireless charging pads are becoming not only more powerful, but they're getting slimmer and less obtrusive than ever. Nowhere is that less is more aesthetic more on display than with an item like the Chargeworx Slim and Foldable Dual Wireless Charging Pad

With this inch-high powerhouse, all you have to do is place your phone or other Qi-enabled device on the center of the pad and the Chargeworx springs into action. But what might be missed at first glance is that this pad isn't just a charging pad. When you unfold the platform, you actually find that it's really two pads, both equipped to help wirelessly charge you two devices at the same time.

These pads actually support up to 20W of wireless charging to take full advantage of your phone's maximum charge speeds. The Chargeworx employs induction wireless power transfers, using electromagnetic induction to surge electricity to portable devices. As a result, this pad delivers power faster than many other "fast charging" wireless conduits.

 When unfolded on your countertop or bedside table, these pads almost look like a pair of coasters. Durably constructed and built to the highest build and safety standards, this slim charger is an elegant solution that blends easily into any environment for full charging power whenever it's needed. And with just one thin connector sending power to the pad, it's a great way to declutter your charging process and getting rid of all those other power cords forever.

The Chargeworx Slim and Foldable Dual Wireless Charging Pad is usually a $49 value, but with the current offer, you can knock $15 off the price and get all this charging power for just $34.99.