Diagram of the bullshit beliefs, self-help scams, and pop psychology that influenced NXIVM

If you're been enjoying HBO's "The Vow," the documentary series about the multi-level marketing self-help cult NXIVM and its secret society of sex trafficking (trailer below), you might appreciate Wikipedia contributor Feoffer's diagram above. It outlines many of the self-help frameworks, bullshit belief systems, and "stating-the-obvious" personal transformation techniques that seemingly influenced NXIVM founder Keith Raniere's own bullshit brand of pop psychology.

Meanwhile, in the New York Times, Amanda Hess explains why Raniere was a "Cult Leader Made for the Internet."

Image: Feoffer / "Influences on NXIVM beliefs and practices, sourced from Natalie et al (2019), rendered in the mode of W.S. Bainbridge, e.g. Bainbridge 1978" (CC BY-SA 4.0)