Nikki Haley fan hates "lunatic" Trump, who "lies and cheats" — but caves in to MAGA (video)

Nikki Haley fans represent the fast-shrinking group of Republican voters still sane enough to resist Donald Trump. But it looks like the invasion of the mind snatchers has caught up to even them, or at least to one Haley voter in North Carolina who seems to hate Trump, and yet has clearly succumbed to MAGA.

"The man is a lunatic, and I think he's terrible for the country," she told MSNBC on Monday. "He lies, he cheats, he's bankrupted millions of businesses, and people. I don't see anything good about him."

But when asked if she would vote for Biden over Trump if Haley were not the eventual nominee (which she most likely will not be, as she dropped out of the race today), the voter replied with one simple word. "Nope." (See video below, posted by The Recount.)