Mindless MAGA victims echo Trump, insisting that Putin is a good guy (video)

Once again, mindless MAGA victims parrot their puppet-master Donald Trump, who in turn parrots his puppet-master, Vladimir Putin.

When asked about Russia's murderous dictator, GQP cult members told MSNBC's Vaughn Hillyard at a recent Trump rally that they welcomed Putin with open arms. (See video below, posted by Republicans against Trump.)

"I don't have a problem with Russia. I really don't! I have a problem with Ukraine — they're corrupt!" said one brainwashed Trump fan, sporting the MAGA frontrunner's mugshot on her T-shirt.

"People are just ridiculous that they think Putin's such this enemy," she added. "He isn't doing anything!" Except, she forgot to mention, slaughtering Ukrainians and poisoning his rivals to death.

"He invaded Ukraine, killing thousands of people," Hillyard reminded her.

"That's fine. That's fine with me," she said, throwing up her hands.

Hillyard then approached a Kool-Aid guzzling veteran who echoed the same rhetoric. "I don't think Putin's a problem. I think Zelensky's the problem."

And again, when Hillyard tried to remind him that Putin is actually the problem, invading another country and killing thousands, the MAGA man pushed back, seeming to make up his illogical answer on the spot. "Because Putin is trying to save his country from the likes of idiots like Zelensky and the elitists." I guess this addled gentleman missed the memo that his authoritarian hero is considered to be one of the richest elitists in the world.

As the Good Liars' Jason Selvig said last year, "It feels like you're in the Twilight Zone. … It's a different reality."