This triple headlamp can beam over 800 yards

You can laugh all you want at someone wearing a headlamp when they're out hiking or camping or spelunking. Of course, the only thing sillier than wearing a headlamp is being stuck somewhere in the dark without one.

The truth is that emergencies and other situations come up all the time when you're out and about, particularly in the woods, trails, caves, and other often inaccessible places your travels may take you. Heck, every day that the sun goes down creates a prime opportunity for a headlamp.

If you're going to suit up correctly, the DanForce Bold-S is not only an ultra-effective headlamp, it's actually a triple-headed lamp, all crafted with the highest quality materials and top features that will hold up under even the most extreme of conditions.

Packed with four different lighting modes, these beams fire a blast cannon of light, up to 1080 lumens of brightness at a distance of up to 800 yards away. The headlamp mount offers a full 90 degrees of motion, allowing you to direct the light far off into the distance or position it right under your nose for up-close viewing.

The headlamps even come with a red light option, offering light that doesn't blind everyone around you while also maintaining any of your night vision capabilities.

The Bold-S runs off a pair of rechargeable batteries holding 2,200mAh of power, capable of providing up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Enclosed in temperature-control and sweat-resistant EVA material, the Bold-S comes with an adjustable strap for maintaining a snug and secure fit with no points of pressure that would make wearing the unit uncomfortable.

And the Bold-S is a big hit with the most important audience — its customers. Users have given the Bold-S a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on Amazon, with fans calling it a "great buy …for the price, you definitely can't beat the quality."

Speaking of price, the DanForce Bold-S 1080 Lumen Rechargeable Triple Headlamp usually retails for $45, but with the current deal, it's on sale now for just $41.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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