Create, edit, and produce dynamic videos and music with the help of these training classes

When we pick up our phones to shoot a video, most of us aren't looking to craft "The Godfather." We just want something that looks reasonably decent that won't be an embarrassment when it gets posted to YouTube or social media.

But while not every video needs to reach Spielbergian levels of production, you might be surprised at how easy it is now to create a video that's virtually indistinguishable from a professional video shoot.

And that level of craft doesn't require video editing software best suited for the U.S.S. Enterprise. In fact, the training in The Professional Video and Audio Production Bundle helps developing video editors use even free app tools to generate brilliant video with crisp, production-quality sound that will make your work really stand out.

Over these six courses, students get a complete overview of techniques for creating, editing and producing dynamic videos and music. 

And the video instruction even starts with a deep exploration of video editing tools that don't cost a thing. The Shotcut + Logitech Capture: Learn to Use Free Video Software course includes almost two dozen lectures on how to capture video or stream it using Logitech's own 

Logitech Capture Software, then edit it with the open source Shotcut editing app. From filters and transitions to keyframes and titles to adding music, this is a solid introduction to basic editing principles on virtually no budget.

Students also get exposure to a different video recording and streaming app in the Record and Live Stream Videos with OBS training. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is also free and open-source software used to make pre-produced videos or even basic live streaming look fantastic.

Of course, no discussion of video editing can ignore the popular Adobe Premiere app. Now, Adobe has expanded the brand to include the down-and-dirty Premiere Rush — and Edit Videos On Your Phone Adobe Premiere Rush is a full-scale tutorial on how this powerful mobile-based editing app operates.

Even brilliant video can be thoroughly wrecked by bad, muddled audio, so the Audio Production Course: Record and Mix Better Audio explains the basics of music and voice recording. This training goes over the equipment you'll need as well as the tactics used by pros to make video productions, podcasts, music and other audio-driven projects sound amazing.

Then, Audio Mixing + Processing Voice in Adobe Premiere Pro CC centers on how to professionally process voice recordings using Premiere Pro. And finally, Music Production in Logic Pro X : Audio Mixing for Podcasts is a complete guide to using Logic Pro X, a favorite of audio engineers and music producers everywhere.

A nearly $1,200 package of training, you can delve into all this video and audio instruction for about $6 per course, just $40 with the current offer.

Prices are subject to change.

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