Brandless is making luggage to survive the road AND save the planet

With most of the world more conscious than ever about their carbon footprint and the sustainability of the actions they take, it begs an important question — can air travel ever be green?

Unfortunately, giant planes provide a giant amount of carbon emissions. In fact, one flight from New York City to Amsterdam produces emissions equal to over 2,500 loads of laundry and nearly three years of television viewing.

So the answer to whether or not air travel can ever be environmentally friendly is…no. Probably not. 

However, some forces in the travel industry are doing their part to try to combat the ill effects of major travel on the environment any way they can.

Brandless is one of those companies. Last year, they unveiled their first line of baggage for travel, including their Carry-On Luggage Bag and their Checked Luggage Bag. It's a line created not only to help users and their stuff survive the rigors of getting from here to there, but to actually do some good for the planet.

Both the 21-inch Carry-On and the 25-inch Checked bags are crafted from recycled PET plastic, with all their storage bags and interior linings made from those repurposed materials. In fact, a set of Brandless luggage is the equivalent of keeping 80 16-ounce plastic water bottles from ending up in the world's landfills or, even worse, our oceans.

Of course, the true test of any luggage is how well it handles life and the road, and the Brandless bags are engineered to be super lightweight, shock resistant and flexible. Both pieces are protected by a 100% Virgin Polycarbonate hard shell casing, durable wheels for smooth mobility and reinforced corners to protect against any damage.

Between the solid construction and their environmental impact, these Brandless bags can help you think more about your time on the road and less about the dent you're putting in the planet to get there.

Usually retailing for $180 and $220 each, the Brandless Carry-on Bag and Checked Luggage Bag are both part of the big Boing Boing Three-Day VIP Sale. By entering the code VIPSALE20 during checkout, you can cut the already discounted prices on each piece by another 20 percent. That lowers the price of the Carry-On Bag to just $79.99 and the Checked Luggage to only $99.99.