Vintage Polaroid camera modded with a thermal printer and Raspberry Pi

College engineering student Sam Zeloof, known for converting his parents' garage into a semiconductor fab while in high school, transformed a vintage Polaroid camera into a digital camera with a thermal printer scavenged from a receipt machine. Press the button and the camera spits out a photo print from what was formerly the film cartridge slot. "About two-thirds of the project was just cutting out plastic with a Dremel tool and hoping that I didn't cut out too much," Zeloof writes. From IEEE Spectrum:

Once the original innards of the Polaroid were removed, I was left with an awkwardly shaped volume. I carefully removed plastic supports until there was just enough room to hold the Raspberry Pi Zero W, camera module, printer, battery, and other supporting electronics. You operate the camera by looking through the viewfinder and pressing the shutter button, as usual.