Save an additional 60% off these best-selling online training courses and bundles

Learning never stops. Not if you're doing it right, anyway. Whether you're trying to add to your professional resume or just pick up a new skill or two to tinker with on the side, there's undoubtedly an online learning package to help you achieve your mission.

And you shouldn't have to pay a lot of money to learn it, either. As part of the massive Boing Boing Three-Day VIP Sale, here are 15 bundles of digital learning courses on a host of critical topics all at an added 60 percent off their already discounted price. Just enter the code VIPSALE60 during checkout to get the added savings.

The 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle – $15.60 after coupon; originally $2,300

Coding is the heart of all things tech, so learn the language of the modern world with 10 courses and more than 120 hours of training in disciplines like HTML, JavaScript, Ruby and more.

The Deep Learning and Data Analysis Certification Bundle – $15.99 after coupon; originally $1,600

Best-selling instructor and data scientist Minerva Singh guides learners through eight courses and more than 30 hours in understanding data analysis, data visualization, statistics and learning how to make machines actually think and react by themselves.

The Complete Become a Product Manager Certification Bundle – $15.60 after coupon; originally $2,032

Product managers can make or break any company's development process, so this giant 13-course collection explores all the methods to be a respected and certified PM, from Lean management to effective communication to understand analytics and even some data science.

The Complete 2020 Learn Linux Bundle – $27.60 after coupon; originally $3,540

Linux is the beast running the world's top tech, including the world's 500 fastest supercomputers. This 12-course, 110-plus-hour training package helps first-timers understand this versatile operating system, then progresses through all of its varied business uses, including the cloud.

The Complete 2020 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle – $27.60 after coupon; originally $3,486

There are few certifications in all of IT as valuable as CompTIA certification, so this expert-led bundle of 14 courses covering over 300 hours of material can help any pro get certified with networking, security, cloud operations and more.

The Build a Strategy Game Development Bundle – $15.99 after coupon; originally $1,990

Over 10 courses, you'll learn how to use Unity, the world's most powerful game engine, to create a strategy-based video game from the ground up. From coordinating movements to combat to using artificial intelligence in your build, this training covers it all.

The Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Certification Bundle – $8.40 after coupon; originally $1,200

Databases hold all the secret knowledge — and over these six courses, you understand how to use all that data, including important tools and platforms like SQL Lite, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Rest API, and Oracle SQL.

The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle – $13.99 after coupon; originally $799

Machine learning is one of the fastest-growing areas of tech exploration. These four courses with nearly 90 hours of instruction break down what you need to know about deep learning, Python programming, and tools like TensorFlow to understand and create thinking AI systems.

The Build Your Own Business with WordPress and WooCommerce Bundle – $15.99 after coupon; originally $2,200

WordPress and its most popular digital business plug-in WooCommerce are driving huge swathes of online sales. This collection of 11 courses explains how to use those tools to effectively promote your products and services as well as the digital content your business creates.

The Complete SEO and Digital Mega Marketing Bundle – $19.60 after coupon; originally $2,330

There's so much to learn around digital marketing these days. That's why this 15-course, 90-hour training uber-package attacks how to do everything, from copywriting and email marketing to social media campaigns and search engine optimization (SEO).

The A to Z Cyber Security and IT Certification Training Bundle – $15.60 after coupon; originally $1,437

You can launch a new career as an ethical hacker with everything packed into these 12 courses. With over 114 hours of training, this content explains how to protect and defend vulnerable online systems, including the certification to prove your expertise.

The 2020 Ultimate AWS Certification Training Bundle – $23.99 after coupon; originally $274

Cloud systems are how modern digital business gets done, and this collection of six courses explains all the tricks and techniques for working on the most popular cloud platform in the world, Amazon Web Services.

The Complete Blockchain and Ethereum Programmer Bundle – $11.60 after coupon; originally $1,861

As the beating heart behind the explosion of cryptocurrency, these 10 courses on blockchain and Etherium not only help you understand how this financial gamechanger happened, but how to use those tools to mine or even create your own digital currency.

The Premium 2020 Project and Quality Management Certification Bundle – $18.39 after coupon; originally $2,699

There's more than one way to successfully complete a project — and this giant bundle of 11 courses packed with over 120 hours of training material covers them all. From Agile to PMP, Scrum to Six Sigma, you'll learn the pluses and minuses of each methodology en route to a six-figure career.

The Complete Data Science A to Z Bundle – $12.40 after coupon; originally $297

Data science is behind most of what we call business in 2020, so the four courses included here explain natural language processing, R programming, and the right steps for breaking into one of the world's fastest-growing and most in-demand career fields.

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