This 1080p pocket-sized projector may just be your new media hub at home or on the road

Pocket-sized projectors have really grown up in the last few years. Previously under-powered and under-resourced, manufacturers have upped the game on these handheld projectors, with many now offering brighter, clearer images, increased functionality and connectivity as well as the ability to effectively become a portable home media center.

And with movie theaters still mired in a very slow comeback from COVID-19, these mini-media hubs could soon be our new default when we want to go out and see a movie.

One of those models attacking the boundaries of what these portable projectors can do is Lenso with their highly resourceful Lenso Cube. Whether you're out and about or just staying at home and ready to fire up a show or a movie, the Lenso Cube is ready to serve. 

Even by modern standards, the Cube does surprise with how much is jammed into that ultra-compact 2-inch-by-2-inch cube that can easily rest in the palm of your hand.

First, it's powered by a punchy 200 lumens LED lamp with a lifespan of more than 20,000 hours of viewing. Place it on a tabletop or counter or on a tiny tripod and the Cube projects a 1080p HD quality image up to 10 feet across with strong, sharp images during both daylight and night hours viewing.

As for what's playable, the Cube connects to virtually anything. Whether you sync it via Bluetooth, WiFi, HDMI or USB, the Cube works in conjunction with almost any device for playback. It's even equipped to support Apple AirPlay, screen mirroring or to connect with over 3,600 apps in the Google Play Store to ensure you'll always have a way to watch. Of course, it's also packing 16GB of its own on-board storage if you just want to cut out the middle man.

Even if you just want to listen to music, it's got its own speaker created by engineers from Harmon Cardin and Bose.

You can make selections, adjust volume and more via the easy touch display or with the included remote control. And with a battery life of 2 hours, a life that extends up to 20 hours if you're only playing back audio, you'll always be ready for a viewing party from your couch to anywhere else you may go.

Right now during the big Boing Boing Three Day VIP Sale, the Lenso Cube 1080p Pocket Projector that normally retails for $799 is now 20 percent off its already discounted total. When you use the code VIPSALE20 during checkout, you'll drop your price for this powerful projector all the way down to just $247.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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