These 10 awesome upgrades for your car are all now an extra 20% off

With all this sticking close to home the past six months, let's face it — your vehicle is probably feeling…well, a little neglected. Hey, with all that time sitting around in the garage, yearning to get out and go…we get it.

The Boing Boing Store's Three-Day VIP Annual Sale is a great opportunity to show your favorite car or truck a little love with some new gear. And don't worry — it doesn't have to be anything extravagant. That's especially since you can take an extra 20 percent off the already discounted prices on all of these items. Just enter the code VIPSALE20 when you make your purchase.

Your car and your wallet will appreciate it.

Crave DualHub USB Car Charger – $7.99 after coupon; originally $24

The DualHub lives up to the name, charging two USB-powered devices back to full strength at lightning speed. And if the driver and passenger both need a charge-up, the Intelligent Charging Technology automatically gauges each device for just the right energy feed.

Kobra Wireless Car Scanner – $11.99 after coupon; originally $49

The Kobra is like having a mechanic in your glovebox. Just hook it up to your vehicle and this wireless scanner unscrambles more than 3,000 generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes, so you'll always know just what your car or truck needs.

Gravity X Car Mount – $15.99 after coupon; originally $29

The Gravity X uses the cracks and seams in a vehicle's dash as the perfect location to let gravity hold your phone in just the right spot. It works with any smartphone or tablet — just hook it in place and you're set to use it safely while driving.

Chargeworx Wireless Charging Car Mount – $31.99 after coupon; originally $59

Meanwhile, the Chargeworx goes a step further, not just holding your phone in its secure grip, but also charging it with up to 10 watts of Qi-compatible power. Stick it on your air vent, dashboard, or windshield, and give yourself the perfect viewing angle.

Mini Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner – $31.96 after coupon; originally $49

For all those crumbs and other debris that dirty up your vehicle, this mini-vac gives you a solid 30 minutes of action per charge to suck them all up. It comes with detachable nozzles and removable filters to get every crack and crevice — and it fully charges in just 3 to 4 hours.

Autowit Cordless Tire Inflator – $47.99 after coupon; originally $69

Using the air pumps at the gas station is usually a pain, so this cordless tire inflator can handle the job instead. You can preset the recommended pressure, attach it to your vehicle and the inflator will actually shut itself off when you hit the desired air pressure.

Light Smart Solar Powered Parking Sensor – $71.20 after coupon; originally $129

For vehicles that don't have an onboard parking cam, the Light Smart is the next best thing. It attaches to your car with no wiring, syncs to your phone and gives you both audio and video alerts if you're getting too close to something behind you. It even runs itself on solar power.

CarAIDE 18-in-1 Super Safety Jump Starter and Multi-Tool – $63.99 after coupon; originally $99

Sure, the CarAIDe can jumpstart your vehicle without cables or another car or truck. But that's just the start of its utility, which also includes a phone charger, belt cutter, flashlight, window breaker, burglar alarm, compass and more.

Autowit SuperCap 2 Portable Jump Starter – $100 after coupon; originally $149

The SuperCap 2 is a supercapacitor, which means all it needs is a quick spark from even a weak battery to jump your vehicle back to life. No pre-charging necessary here. Plus, it works in extreme weather conditions when you need saving the most.

Rexing V3 Dual Full HD WiFi Dash Cam – $135.20 after coupon; originally $199

This dashcam gives you both forward-facing and cabin-facing views of what happening — and gives you full 1080p HD quality video recordings of both. There's also a built-in GPS logger that marks your time, date, location and speed data to all your recordings automatically.

Prices are subject to change.

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