Learn how you can develop in-demand DevOps skills with the help of this training

DevOps moves so fast they had to mash two words together into the job title so they could be said faster. It's a process of lightning-fast experimentation and iteration. Try something, see if it works, optimize it, and move forward. It's a constantly charging sequence of events that requires more than just the development talent to create, but the operational talent to keep all those trains moving in the same direction without crashing into each other.

Obviously, that requires individuals with very refined and organized skill sets. The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle helps explain everything it takes to both tackle and excel in this demanding, yet very lucrative, job arena.

Over nine courses featuring nearly 50 hours of intensive training, students get a full overview of the DevOps career, with courses delving into all the proven methods for creating, optimizing and even automating the path products take from concept to manufacture.

The training starts with the basics defined and explored in DevOps Training Certification, while Puppet Training Certification gets into steps for cleanly executing those steps automatically up and down the development chain.

Next, courses allow learners to get some practical training with some of the most versatile tools for keeping a DevOps supply line running smoothly. The training shows how Docker, Ansible, and GIT can not only hammer out rough spots in your process, but elevate your odds of success. Meanwhile, Agile Scrum Master Certification Training examines how Agile Scrum, the world's most popular Agile project management methodology, can impact your DevOps pipeline.

The collection closes with three courses exploring how DevOps works in unison with the cloud-based features available through Amazon Web Services. By using AWS Sysops Associate Certification Training, AWS Technical Essentials Certification Training and AWS Solution Architect Certification Training, students see each level of AWS mastery, while also earning the skills that can ultimately make them AWS-certified DevOps pros.

All together, this course collection usually retails for around $2,500, but as part of this package, they're all included here for around $4 each, only $39.

Prices are subject to change.

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