This 50-mile HDTV antenna could help you boot cable once and for all

With all the streaming services you're subscribed to now, do you really need cable anymore? Sure, local channels provide content that streamers can't match, but what else are you watching on cable channels that justifies that massive monthly cable bill?

We're all trying to save cash, so cut the cord permanently but smartly, but dumping cable while retaining all your local programming for free with the Liger HDTV 50-Mile Ultra-Thin Antenna and Amplifier.

Unlike cable, the digital television broadcast by your area stations are uncompressed, offering everyone in their viewing range the best picture quality available anywhere. The Liger is optimized specifically for these broadcasts, with fine-tuned frequency methods capable of locking and presenting any and all signals within a 50-mile radius of your home. With very high 10-15dB gain across every channel, you can expect premium picture quality.

And just in case you need a little added oomph, this antenna also features a built-in amplifier to enhance your reception. Together, you'll get free broadcast HD signals with enhanced gain, range and frequency performance. Of course, many TVs won't need the amplifier, depending on your location and signal strengths, but a quick check with the extended reach on and off will give you a fast answer to that question.

The Liger attaches directly to your TV with instant plug and play convenience without any extra set-up or adjustment needed. Of course, the placement of your antenna does matter to your reception, but at less than 4 inches wide at the base, you can position the unit virtually anywhere. Above, below or even behind your television, next to a window, even inside of a cabinet, you can find the best, least obstructive place for optimal viewing results.

With a retail price of $59, you can try out the Liger HDTV Antenna for yourself for a whole lot less, almost 60 percent off to bring your price down to just $24.99. That plus all the money you save on your cable bills should amount to a nice little nest egg.

Prices are subject to change.

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