VSDC Video Editor Pro might be the last video editing suite you ever need

With so many different video editing software packages available with so many varying price points, it's always difficult to know which one will offer you the best value for your particular editing needs.

That's where reviews come in very handy. So when a respected outlet like CNET says of VSDC Video Editor Pro that "this video editor gives you tons of control and editing power," that instantly makes it worthy of some attention.

Thankfully, a full exploration of this versatile and adaptable suite of editing features, the only video editor recommended by GoPro, proves it's got the goods to handle most pro-grade video editing projects.

With VSDC, you can import footage from virtually any device or camera with no discernible loss in quality. Since VSDC Pro supports all the most popular file formats and codecs, you'll seldom run into the compatibility and conversion issues that other editors suffer.

Inside, VSDC Pro sports a full-service pro editing tool set, including a complete range of visual effects and filters, blending modes, masking capabilities, adjustable parameter settings, an advanced multi-color chroma key, audio waveform editing, and more.

One of VSDC's most useful features is its enhanced resolution abilities, allowing users to process image and video transformations with subpixel resolution to get even more precise results.

Another perk for VSDC Pro users is the system's extremely handy support for double-speed editing and exporting. Thanks to its hardware acceleration, users can manage their editing even faster than before, as well as export faster than ever, all with more stability than other editing suites.

For all your typical video editing needs, VSDC Pro is more than up to the task, allowing you to crop, rotate images, create transparencies or even build your own picture-in-picture effects with drag-and-drop simplicity.

At $49, VSDC Pro is already one of the top bang-for-your-buck video editors around. But with the current off, you can get lifetime access to the punchy editor at 40 percent off, only $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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