This bedside upside will make you say goodbye alarm clock, hello charging music station

Remember back in the way, way, way back 1990s? Remember when you and everyone you knew had a radio alarm clock positioned right on your bedside table? You know, the one with that super irritating squawk of an alarm? You can still hear that ugly beast in your nightmares, can't you?

Time hasn't been kind to the bedside alarm clock. In most homes, it's been unceremoniously replaced by the always-present smartphone. 

But admit it…you liked that old alarm clock. And if it could do half the stuff your smartphone does, you'd get a new one right now. 

The Gotek Wireless Charging Music Station splits the difference, offering up all the bygone kitsch of the old alarm clock with a few ultra-modern digital features up its sleeve. Heck, this isn't a replacement for the bedside smartphone — this is a companion.

On the surface, the Music Station could practically double for the old alarm clock. Featuring that iconic LED display with three levels of brightness, a built-in FM receiver (sorry, AM fans) and a programmable alarm, it looks mighty familiar to anyone old enough to remember grunge.

But once you take a closer look, the Music Station is definitely throwing off plenty of 2020 vibes.

The top of the station is actually a wireless charging pad, capable of recharging your phone or any other Qi-enabled device. 

Meanwhile, it's got all kinds of connectivity happening inside, syncing via Bluetooth to your phone to play all your favorite streaming music over the pimped-out high-fidelity rear speaker. If you don't have your phone, you can also connect to the speaker via a 3.5 AUX input or the built-in TF slot. 

The whole thing charges via USB-C and it even has an onboard 2,000mAh battery that can keep it running on its own for up to 8 hours.

The Gotek Wireless Charging Music Station is retro cool with some ultramodern advances — and it's now 20 percent off. Regularly $59, you can take $12 off and get it for just $47.

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