Take your cocktail making to the next level with these lab inspired bar tools

Mixology sounds like a science because it is…sort of. Oh sure, there's a lot of knowledge and skill that goes into conjuring up just the right balance for making a mixed drink really pop. But part of it really is just an exacting science of combining compounds and properly integrating flavors to make an absolutely delicious cocktail.

And considering there's more than a little hardcore labwork happening to make a perfect mojito or a world-class cosmopolitan, it makes sense to use instruments finely calibrated for just that type of work.

For the ultra-focused recipe followers or just people who enjoy showing their love for inspired presentation, this Lab Series of awesome bartending glassware from Ethan+Ashe is pinpoint perfect.

Created by a passionate team of designers-slash-foodies, the Lab Series looks like a bartending tool kit as concocted by Dr. Frankenstein. The three-piece collection includes a decanter, jigger and beaker, each forged from laboratory-grade borosilicate glass. So these tools don't just look like they came out of the lab…they could step right in there and do all the hardcore sciencing duties right now. 

The 34 oz. decanter is an elegant showcase for your favorite wine or spirit while keeping it fresh on your bar cart. Meanwhile, the 24 oz. beaker includes easy-to-read measurements in both ounces and millimeters so your cocktail mixing is done with absolute precision. And the 2 oz. lab jigger has its own double-sided design that can instantly flip upside down for handling quick ½ oz. measurements.

Unlike other mixing and serving tools, there's no guesswork involved with the Lab Series. It's all part of coolness that each piece has the exact measurements included just like the real lab items would. And face it, the bar and a mad scientist's workbench really have a lot more in common than we'd all care to admit.

It's all dishwasher safe and the decanter even comes with own polished stainless steel topper. Classy.

The set regularly retails for $78, but with the current deal, you can get all three pieces now for only $62.99.

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