The Hestan Cue takes all the guesswork and culinary disasters out of cooking

We all have visions of cooking cool, elaborate meals. Unfortunately, those visions often die after we absolutely butcher a few.

We've all been there. Overcooked steaks. Undercooked poultry. A main course sits because we totally mistimed a side. There are any number of ways to well and truly murder a well-intentioned meal.

Hestan Cue and their Smart Cooking System have your back. And while they won't prepare and cook your meals for you, it'll kinda feel like they are.

Hestan Cue is a fully-integrated cooking system that basically brings together all of the equipment and expertise to help you cook a perfect dish every time. If you can handle some simple prep work and follow some simple directions, the Cue will help you turn out meals that will leave family and friends shocked and amazed, even if you barely know the difference between a sauce pan and an oil pan.

The set includes an 11" smart pan, 5.5 quart smart pot, and 3.5 quart smart sauce pot, along with their own induction cooktop. Once you get everything synced with the Hestan Cue app, the magic begins.

You can scroll through Hesten Cue's collection of video-guided step-by-step recipes and pick your favorites, including anything from grilled cheese to rack of lamb. Once you plan how many servings you need, the app plans your cook time and even tells you the ingredients you'll need.

As you follow Cue's team of accomplished chefs through the creation of your dish, the app works with the cooktop and cookware to automatically control temperature and timing of each recipe step. The app tells you when your food needs to go into the pan, when to flip it and when it should come out, ready to serve.

You can customize your dish or even use the Cue's control mode to cook without a recipe. Even when you go off script, the Cue has you covered, recommending ideal temperatures for each item. Measure the thickness of your protein and Cue will figure the right temp and cook time precisely.

The Hestan Cue's stress-free cooking system is usually $899, but right now, you can knock a third off the price, all full $300 and get the entire collection for just $599.99. Bon appetit.

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