This portable air conditioner puts out all the cooling power of a home unit at a fraction of the size

If your summer found you sweltering somewhere, from your house to your garage to your RV to a tent in the forest, now's the time to start considering your plan for next year. Baking in some tiny unventilated space is no way to spend your time, even during a pandemic.

Air conditioning units don't have to be those giant plug-in box-style swamp coolers of old. They can be small, portable and still just as ruthlessly efficient in cooling your immediate airspace as those big, bulky, ancient AC units. 

As if to prove the point, one look at the Zero Breeze Mark 2 Cordless Battery Air Conditioner should immediately put you on notice that the AC game has fundamentally changed.

At less than 2 feet long, the Mark 2 is about the size of a boombox, almost half the size and about 60 percent lighter than other traditional portable air conditioners. That's because the folks at Zero Breeze did some serious innovating. 

Over five years of development funded by Indiegogo contributions, they took a typical compressor found inside an AC unit, equipment that's usually about the size of a small copy machine, and shrunk it. Now, their new patented compressor is about the size of a soda can, making their AC units just as effective as older in-wall units, but now, they're a lot more portable.

With no water or ice required, just plug it into an outlet or let it run off its own battery unit and this high-efficiency fan system blows cold air up to 30°F lower than the ambient temperature. 

Generating twice the cooling power with 2300 BTU/h, at a 40 percent higher cooling efficiency rate than the Mark 1, this powerful micro-compressor can drop the outlet air temperature by 30°F in about 10 minutes.      

The interchangeable battery delivers about 5 hours of long-lasting coolness for work and leisure. That battery is also detachable and can even work as a power outlet for camping equipment or, with its three USB ports, as an impromptu charger for your phone or other tech.

Right now, you can save over $100 off the price of the Zero Breeze Mark 2 and pick one up for only $1,279. Next summer, you'll be ready.

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