Become a master of SEO and Google with this zero to hero training bundle

If you want to succeed in the modern marketplace, your digital presence has to be on point. And this isn't just about beating out your retail competitor down the street anymore. When you sell online, you're selling to the world — and your competitors cover every inch of that globe too. 

With stakes like those, you better understand how to reach potential customers where they live. With 75 percent of all desktop search traffic and an overwhelming 95 percent of all mobile search traffic, Google is where people live. So figuring out how to put your product or service front and center in Google searches and across their online ecosystem can literally make or break a business.

With the training in The Google Ads and SEO Certification Bundle, you'll know the tactics that work to bring traffic and, hopefully, customers to your door via Google's all-powerful reach. These nine courses covering nearly 30 hours of instruction explain everything a digital marketer needs to know about search engine optimization (SEO), Google advertising and all the other ways your content can help drive users to your sites and pages.

Since increasing your online visibility is the cornerstone of digital advertising, The Complete SEO Course for Beginners 2020: Zero to Hero course offers you the lynchpin to that strategy. Even if you know nothing about keywords, how to find them or where they should go, this training can get you started. From understanding the elements of an SEO campaign to content ideas to avoiding the standard SEO pitfalls, this primer includes all the basics for getting started.

After that, you can dig into the four additional courses delving deeper into the SEO game, with training outlining how to structure and optimize a website, which keywords bring the top returns, best SEO practices on sites built through WordPress and even special tips for making SEO work for community-based businesses.

And since 90 percent of shoppers say they're influenced by ads and 63 percent have clicked on a Google ad, the Google Ads for Beginners 2020: Step-by-Step Process is just that — a step-by-step guide to using Google's ad network to bolster your business.

Finally, you'll also find courses with training in optimizing a Google My Business listing, starting a winning cold email effort, and crafting backlinks that generate added traffic to your website.

For training valued at nearly $1,800, this offer of only $49.99 is a huge deal.

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