SF Bay Area police detain "cult or activist" group and find "four-foot model of a vagina"

On Saturday, police in Richmond, California just north of Oakland detained around 60 individuals wearing "black uniforms" and gathered on Point Molate, a historic city-owned dock near a Chevron refinery. From SF Gate:

"Inside, they located some items (that won't be further described) that led the officers to believe this was some type of occult group or activist group since this event was in close proximity to the Chevron refinery," the department said in an announcement. "There were prerecorded audio files being played in the background relating to Mother Earth and climate change."

One of the items reportedly found was a four-foot model of a vagina, according to a post by Richmond police Capt. Al Walle on social media.

Point Molate has been a point of tension with activists representing environmental groups and indigenous people protesting the city's plans to develop the shoreline.

image: Google Earth