Bring the karaoke bar home with this on-demand software

For years, karaoke was relegated to those places with a dedicated system and an archive of tracks for use. Now, Karaoke On Demand essentially gives you frustrated artists the chance to bring your song stylings out of the bar and into the outside world 24/7/365…whether the world is ready for you or not.

Karaoke On Demand is an app that drops literally thousands of top karaoke tunes right into your phone, tablet, smart TV or laptop.

This VIP subscription gives you unrestricted access to note-perfect karaoke versions of your favorite songs, with clear, clean lyrics backed by high-definition video backgrounds scrolling over your screen. It's just like the set up at the bar…only this time, you call all the shots.

Regardless of your genre of choice, the vast KOD library allows you to serve up a song for virtually any taste or situation. From pop, rock and country to R&B and blues, even children's favorites, worship standards and Christmas karaoke, we dare you NOT to find a song you want to do. They add new karaoke songs to their archive constantly and you can share favorite tracks with friends and family.

Apple or Android, KOD works with any connected device or streaming media boxes like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Nexus Player, and more.

Karaoke On Demand gives you the opportunity to keep music in your life all the time no matter where you go…or how good you are. God help us all.

Right now, you can get a lifetime VIP Karaoke On Demand subscription at almost 75 percent off. A $599 value, you can be karaoke-ready anywhere and everywhere forever for just $149.99.

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