Ditch the binoculars and travel light with this high definition monocular telescope

With everyone looking for increased portability from all their necessary items, it's a surprise monocular telescopes haven't eclipsed binoculars yet. But it may not be too long before these lightweight marvels are nudging their way past their big, bulkier brother as the instrument people reach for to get a quality view from a distance.

While binoculars are often more durable and more comfortable to use, a monocular telescope is lighter, faster, and most importantly, actually offers a better image quality than double-lensed instruments. Oh yeah, and they're comparatively cheaper too.

Right now, you can check out the advantage of having a mini-telescope in your pocket with this High Definition Monocular Telescope from Mesay.

If you're traveling, birdwatching — or if any of us ever attend sporting events or concerts again one day — items like this precision-crafted instrument will come in handy. This telescope is packing fully coated optics and BAK4 prism glass lenses that present the clearest possible image. 

With dazzling 50×60 magnification capabilities, bring this item to range on someone over 3,000 feet away — and you'll be able to see their face. Need to read something like a house number or a sign from almost 10,000 feet away? You're covered there, too.

And at just over 6.5 inches long and weighing less than 14 oz., it easily slips into a pocket, travel bag or backpack, so you're always ready to get the full vision you want.

In addition to a compass and a swing-up eyepiece tailored for those who wear glasses, you can also clip in your smartphone to this telescope, enabling you to capture incredible pictures from a distance well beyond normal smartphone range. 

Plus, you even get a cool tripod attachment as part of your kit to help stabilize your image.

The Mesay High Definition Monocular Telescope is regularly priced at $54, but with the current offer, it's now 14 percent off, shaving your price down to just $47.

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