Mystery man dumped more than 100 live eels into lake in Brooklyn, New York park

On Sunday night in Brooklyn, New York's Prospect Park, a fellow was spotted dragging two big trash bags filled with live eels to the lake there and dumping the animals into the water. Dominick Pabon approached the man and captured the interaction on the video, seen below. "I just want to save their lives!" yells the man in response to Pabon. At least he meant well?From Brooklyn Paper:

Pabon, a Sunset Park resident who has been fishing in the park for 13 years, says the eels looked similar to ones he's seen in seafood markets, and were likely saltwater eels, as some of them attempted to free themselves from the freshwater lake.

"They were trying to swim back out of the lake, it was crazy," he said[…]

"It is a hazard both to those animals, and the plants and wildlife that call the park home," said [Prospect Park Alliance] spokesperson Deborah Kirschner. "The parks waterways and natural areas are fragile habitats, and this can disrupt these naturally occurring systems, introducing disease and other pathogens which can be harmful."

image: Dominick Pabon