A year of PlayStation Plus, VPN Unlimited, and vast game development training is all on sale for under $100

Now more than ever…gamers gotta game. If you thought your days dropping quarters into Donkey Kong in an arcade for logging hour after hour of Super Mario 64 on the P2 were the golden ages of video gaming, we hate to break it to you…but today is the true golden age.

There's a reason why the video game industry has nearly tripled its revenue over the past 20 years. Today's gamers…are everybody. You, your friend, your friend's mom, your mom, your boss' mom, everybody. Whether it's Call of Duty or Candy Crush, online gaming is the biggest entertainment industry in the world today by a wide margin, topping movies, music and publishing combined.

Whether you want to play 'em or create 'em, the Game Developer and Player Bundle Ft. PlayStation Plus is the uber-package that will keep the gaming front and center every day.

The bundle begins with a one year subscription to Playstation Plus service. As one of the big dogs of gaming, a membership with Playstation has plenty of privileges, including access to a mountain of game classics like Star Wars: Battlefront, Uncharted, and more, an epic collection of free games, and the ability to play many top games in online multiplayer mode against Plus' nearly 40 million other members. You also get two free games each month, exclusive discounts and even 100GB of cloud storage space as part of your membership.

If you're going to play, you better be safe online, which is where this bundle's VPN Unlimited protection comes in. This lifetime coverage offers an all-encompassing cloak of anonymity over all your online activities, protecting you from any online cybercrooks looking to steal your vital information. Their network of more than 500 servers in over 80 locations worldwide allows you to dial in from anywhere, shrouding your IP, allowing you to circumvent global geo-blocking restrictions, while granting you access to all your favorite streaming services, no matter where you are.

Of course, while playing games is a blast, it really only whets the appetite for creating games of your own. This collection includes five courses that plunge deep into the steps for conceiving and building original games with the Unity game engine, the world's most popular game creation platform. 

Four of these courses are led by instructor John Weinberger, beginning with The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019, the ultimate introduction to the Unity Engine and to the fundamentals of C# programming.

You'll get deeper into understanding C# concepts like lists, dictionaries, abstract classes and more with the training in The Unity C# Survival Guide; while The Ultimate Guide to Cinematography with Unity will have you creating a complete stealth adventure game in Unity, including four finished, cinematic cutscenes that tell your game's story. And the Ultimate Guide to 2D Mobile Game Development explores how to create profitable and engaging mobile app games.

Finally, the bundle includes access to a whole extra arena of game development training, including an enormous library of step-by-step training videos, support from instructors and professionals with over 16 years of game industry experience; and unlimited access to thousands of dollars in royalty-free game art and textures for use in your own work.

With over $7,000 worth of resources, this mega bundle lives up to the name. Fortunately, it's only priced at $99.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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