All these Funko Pops collectibles are on sale right now

If you've never heard of Funko Pops…well, you need to get out more. Over the past 10 years, Funko has swept into the world of collectibles and taken over the place, all thanks to their ultra-cute, ultra-chaseable not-quite-action-figures, not-quite-dolls known as Funko Pops.

From film and TV characters to comic heroes and animation stars, to music gods and all points of the pop culture universe in-between, Funko has produced literally thousands of these 3.75-inch vinyl collectibles — and people can't get enough.

The Boing Boing Store has welcomed Funko Pops into the fold, including nearly 100 different vinyl Pops, bobbleheads, and other collectibles, all at savings off their regular retail prices.

For fans of TV, there are favorites from hot shows like The Walking Dead, including King Ezekiel ($22.98). Or if your TV tastes are a little less zombified, you can instead enjoy the tranquility of beloved PBS painter Bob Ross…in overalls, no less ($14.94).

If you love movies, there are characters from movies covering all genres, allowing you to set up shrines to some of your celluloid favorites like Mad Max Fury Road big bad Immortan Joe ($14.94). With so many comic book movies these days, you'll also find many crossover hits, like indie-comic-fave-turned-Hollywood-action-hero Hellboy ($14.94).

For animaniacs, there are traditional options like Disney's Jasmine from the classic Aladdin ($12.64). Or you can find anime standouts from Naruto of the mega-popular Naruto series ($20.69) to Super Saiyan Goku from Dragonball Z ($16.09). Meanwhile, gamers will be satisfied with offerings like Mortal Kombat's Liu Kang ($14.94) or a shadow version of Sega mainstay Sonic ($20.69).

There's even a Funko Pop version of NSYNC ($57.44) on sale. Yeah, all five of 'em.

Of course, supply and demand are the key to all collectibles, so Funko also knows how to stoke those collector fires by releasing variant chase editions of popular characters to send fans hunting. That's on display with some rare shiny gold-plated versions of popular Avengers Hulk ($21.84) and Black Widow ($18.39).

And the thrill of the hunt can often be the most exciting part of starting a Funko Pop collection. If you really want to roll the dice, you can go in on a Funko Pop! Vinyl Collectible Mystery Starter Box ($80.48), featuring six Funko Pops of unknown origin. Who knows…you might even get a rare limited edition Pop from one of these boxes worth more than the cost of the entire assortment.

Finally, Funko also spun off Pops into the even more precious Dorbz line because with their round bodies and smiling faces, they're even more…well, adorbs. You can check 'em out with a couple here like Iron Man in his original Mark I armor ($12.64) or animated superstars Rick and Morty as policemen ($20.67).

 Head over to the Funko Pops page in the Boing Boing Store to take a look through all those collectibles and more to see which one you need to own.

Prices are subject to change.

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