These cool, yet creepy face masks can bring a little Halloween back to our COVID world

Not that the world isn't upsetting enough right now, but we've got some more bad news. As we head through October, the sad truth is that in many places around the U.S., Halloween is effectively canceled. The rules are different in various areas, with authorities in 35 states either making major modifications to their Halloween festivities…or just calling the holiday off this year outright.

For most of us, that's a disappointing state of affairs, even if we don't regularly dress up each Halloween and celebrate. 

While health and safety is always paramount, you can keep the spooky spirit of the season alive in a very 2020 way with these cool reusable Halloween cloth face masks.

First and foremost, these polyester and cotton masks handle their primary task of keeping you safe from dust, smoke, allergens, and other harmful air particles. Meanwhile, the soft poly-cotton material is comfortable to wear, machine washable, and entirely ready to serve for Halloweens to come.

But of course, the real selling point here is that these five masks are a fun, yet eerie shift away from the boring everyday face coverings into a little something more festive for October.

The styles are all colorful with just enough sinister lurking underneath to make people unsettled…which is basically the whole point of Halloween anyway. Each sports a wide and creepy grin, all showing plenty of teeth that should amuse adults and send young children scurrying behind the couch.

There are a pair of evil clown designs, as well as a spiky-toothed monster image. Then, there's a pair that should elicit a smile from film and comic book fans: a white-faced, red-lipping maniacal grin that looks suspiciously like Batman's arch-nemesis the Joker; and the giant green visage and a toothy smile that appears a lot like Jim Carrey's titular character in The Mask.

Each mask retails for $24, but with the current deal, they're all 40 percent off, down to only $14.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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