Auction of exquisitely odd antique cameras that look like guns

These two curious and rare "gun cameras" bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "shoot a photo." Both are exceedingly rare artifacts and will be on the block at the 37th Annual Leitz Photographica Auction next month. At the top is the Leica Gun Rifle developed by E. Leitz, Inc. in the mid-1930s. Inspired by wildlife photographer Attilio Gatti, there were only a dozen or so made. It's estimated to go for around €200,000. The Royu 1 pistol camera is a prototype from 1952. According to the auctioneers, "Due to the durability problems of the Bakelite case and the limited availability of the 9.5mm film in Japan, the camera never went into production." It's estimated to sell for €60,000 – 70,000.

"This Leica 'Rifle' is Expected to Sell for $250,000 at Leitz Photographica" (PetaPixel)