Ditching a MacBook for OpenBSD on a Thinkpad

On Monday I wrote about switching from a $3k MacBook Pro to an $800 Gateway PC laptop. Here's someone who switched from a MacBook to Linux on a Thinkpad.

On this middle-of-the-road Thinkpad, I have an SD card reader, HDMI, scads of USB ports, RJ-45 — I'm never going to need a dongle, or say the word dongle, ever again now that Apple is out of my life.

My memory is pretty good. And I recall when I got my first Mac product: it was because there was no other decent option for having a development laptop, but one where Microsoft Windows wasn't a requirement.

Many times I tried duct-taping a Linux install on my various Macs, but things were 'just not there.' There was always an issue with this or that, and it was truly painful.

I think I lost the scent of the trail. OpenBSD works so well, I wonder how many years I could have been using this great OS outside of just the server world.

Of course, this setup isn't for all. If you're green on the UNIX front, or can't read a manual, you'd be foolish to do it. For the others, it certainly is a viable solution, to say the least.

Image: Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use