DEA instructor called Black recruit a monkey and made "monkey noises" at Black trainees

Is it any surprise that a government administration set up for the primary purpose of incarcerating minorities would be racist toward Black people working for it?

From AP:

At the Drug Enforcement Administration's Training Academy in Virginia last year, an instructor on the firing range called out a name that was shared by two trainees, one Black and one white.

When both responded, the white instructor clarified, "I meant the monkey."

That behavior, as alleged in an internal complaint, didn't stop there. The instructor also was accused of going on the loudspeaker in the tower of the outdoor firing range to taunt black trainees by making "monkey noises."

The instructor,  Special Agent Jay Mortenson, was "removed from his post on the firing range. But to the disappointment of the recruits, he was not disciplined before retiring."