In five minutes, The Zebra will tell you if you're giving away money on your car insurance

With virtually everyone watching their expenses right now, it's no surprise that our car insurance policies and those dreaded monthly rates are facing closer scrutiny than ever. With car insurance costs up twice the rate of inflation over the past decade, more than half of all drivers now say they're looking to either reduce coverage, shop for another carrier or switch to another carrier based solely on price.

That fact hasn't escaped insurance providers either. Because over the past decade, customers have been increasingly satisfied with their current insurer in all areas except one: price.

That dissatisfaction could also be because it's never been easier to find out immediately if better car insurance rates are out there for you. Since 2012, The Zebra has built itself into the nation's leading insurance comparison website by sticking close to their core philosophy: to simplify the entire insurance process.

The Zebra is a free and an entirely hassle-free way of assessing all of your car insurance options in a matter of seconds. When you visit The Zebra website, all you have to do is enter some quick information about you, your vehicle make and model, and your location. The whole process doesn't take more than two minutes and from there, The Zebra crunches the numbers.

Through their relationships with more than 200 of America's best national and regional insurance providers, The Zebra gathers up your best insurance options. Whether it comes from a national heavyweight like Farmers, GEICO or Allstate or a smaller local provider, The Zebra will show you dozens of options, including who's offering the lowest price for the coverage level you need.

If one of your insurance suitors makes an offer you can't refuse, The Zebra will even help make the connection happen. With the help of their licensed agents, they'll work with you and the insurance company to hammer out details and ultimately seal the deal with zero hassle.

While there's no guarantee your current provider can be beaten, The Zebra users who made the switch reported an annual saving of $368 on average for making the change.

And in case you're worried about your information falling into the wrong hands, don't. The Zebra safeguards your information at all times, a hassle-free pledge that assures you'll never get obnoxious phone calls or unsolicited offers through using The Zebra's services.

Even if you just want to check out your options, a stop by The Zebra for a quick look can offer you either peace of mind or some significant savings in your immediate future.

Prices are subject to change.

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