Scientific paper about being bitten by a weird snake

Meet the leaf-nosed snake, a peculiar Madagascan species with a gift for crypsis. Reading about it I found my way to Envenomation by the Malagasy colubrid snake Langaha madagascariensis, which turns out to be "This God Damned Snake Bit Me!" written up as a formal scientific paper.

To avoid harming the snake and to prevent further lacerations on the finger he did not attempt to force the snake to disengage immediately. Instead, he left the snake untouched and attempted to induce its voluntary release. However, the snake continued to grasp firmly, and repeated aggressive chewing motions some five or six times. Approximately 30 seconds after the snake had seized the finger, he suddenly felt severe sharp pain in his finger. In reaction to this sensation, approximately 1 minute after the bite, he managed to delicately disengage the snake teeth without causing further lacerations. As a result of the pain, he was not able to hold the snake with his left hand and was not able to continue taking the morphometric measurements.