The Fidget Cable is waging the war against cable confusion disorder

Jesse Pinkman was right —magnets are awesome. From high-speed trains and rollercoasters to what's on your refrigerator to the planet Earth itself, the power of magnets has been helping and fascinating us for centuries.

In addition to all their nearly magical properties, magnets also make another significant contribution to the world — their hold can keep generally loose, free-flowing objects like computer cables from sprawling around like spaghetti thrown by a toddler.

And magnetics are right at the heart of why the Fidget Cable is so darn useful. 

Available in both 3 feet and 6 feet versions, the Fidget Cable makes sure you never end up with tangled, knotted or generally just orderless cables snaking unyieldingly all over the place. If you're ever tried to stuff a typical smartphone charging cable into your pocket without snapping it in half with persistent jamming, you understand.

Every few inches, the Fidget Cable is ringed by a super high strength magnet. When the cable is coiled, each magnet clicks into place with each other to hold the coil, allowing a tight, tidy connection between your device and a charging or connection source.

Of course, you can always break the magnetic pull with a simple tug, allowing the cable to extend to its full length. But rather than leave several feet of cable dangling from a wall socket or spread across a counter or desktop, these magnets give the Fidget Cable some built-in order than law and order device users will definitely appreciate.

And it isn't called the Fidget Cable for nothing. If you just can't keep your hands still, the reassuring click of snapping these magnets together over and over will probably feel surprisingly relaxing.

The Fidget Cable comes in a handful of varieties, including 3-packs at 3-foot ($46.99) and 6-foot ($51.99) lengths in basic black as well as 3-foot and 6-foot in pristine white. You can also select between USB and USB Type C connecting cables.

Or for just a couple dollars more, you can make sure your cable never gets overlooked again…since it glows in the dark. The glowing edition is also available in 3-foot ($51.99) and 6-foot ($56.99) varieties.

Prices are subject to change.

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