This self-driving truck kit is one of the coolest STEM gifts an inquisitive kid could ever get

Don't look now, but that car next to you on the road may not have a driver. Thankfully, with the advent of the self-driving vehicle, that's not the panic-inducing moment it used to be. A self-driving shuttle has been ferrying customers in Las Vegas for three years. Tesla head Elon Musk says beta testing on their full self-driving cars is about to begin. And Bloomberg predicts self-driving cars could be operating daily in much of the U.S. within the next 24 months.

So it's probably time for your kid to learn to build one, right?

That's the task you can put in front of your favorite voracious young mind with a cool Autonomous Vehicle Kit from Twin Science.

Yep, this kit not only comes with all the parts and instructions necessary to help a child put together the mini-truck. It also comes with the guidebook to help that young engineer program that vehicle to drive itself.

Mechanically, a kid gets challenged whipping the vehicle into physical shape, understanding how elements of a truck come together to assemble an actual working automobile. Then, by pushing their imagination and problem-solving skills, young builders are also confronted with doing the programming to make the truck's robot brain understand how to drive itself around the house.

This uber-STEM project also introduces kids to the concepts of artificial intelligence, giving them hands-on experience discovering how changing technology impacts our global transportation dynamics. And best of all, it's all in their hands.

While this project is engineered so kids can handle the tasks on their own, it'd still be a great bonding experience with any growing mind as they begin an exploration of technology that will absolutely be a factor in our modern world by the time they get behind a wheel for real.

Regularly $249, you can take $15 off the price of the Twin Science Autonomous Vehicle Kit and get the whole thing for only $234.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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