Learn to play guitar, piano, and drums with this monster music training package

Unless you're an essential worker, there's a good chance your work from home, stay at home lifestyle will be continuing, at least through the winter months. That's more than a little depressing, but it doesn't have to mean you've just given up.

Instead of just surfing the web or watching TV, maybe you can even give yourself a task to help feel like you're making better use of all that home time. How about this…what if you spent the next few months writing, playing and producing your own album, right from your home?

Hey, it worked for Billie Eilish, so maybe with the training found in the comprehensive Learn to Play Piano, Guitar and Drums Master Class Bundle, it can work for you too.

This package includes nine courses filled with more than 80 hours of intensive training that can help you learn and master three core instruments, then write and record your own tracks, all without ever leaving the house.

Every kid who ever envisioned life as a rock star did it with a guitar in their hands, so four of the courses here will get users in shape to become true six-string stylists. It starts with Learn to Play 10 Guitar Songs Using Just 3 Chords, including all the steps you'll need to know in order to play along with ease. 

The Ultimate Beginner Acoustic Guitar Master Class and Ultimate Beginner Rock Guitar Master Class take those basic teachings and applying them to two different playing styles as you learn strumming patterns, mastering the fretboard and even how to pick the right guitar for you. Then, Learn to Play by Ear uses practical examples and real ear training exercises to help you start recognizing chords and playing songs right off the radio. 

From the strings to the keys, Complete Piano Course: Go from a Beginner to an Advanced Pianist and Intermediate-Advanced Piano Course: Enhance Your Musical-Piano Skills will get you up to speed of playing the piano. Finally, drums are the backbone of any band, so the How to Play the Drums from Beginner to Pro course will teach you how to keep a beat and power forward.

Of course, now that you can play instruments, it's time to write something to play. The 10 Hours+ Course on How to Read and Write Music is your introduction to crafting music, including training in pitch, recognizing key signatures, understanding modulation and more.

Finally Music Production 101: Producing and Songwriting for Beginners is where it all comes together, helping you compose, produce, and arrange a song entirely from scratch with Logic Pro X.

The collection is a nearly $1,800 music school education available now at a fraction of that total, just $59.99

Prices are subject to change.

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