This coder bootcamp can get you up to speed on 6 key programming skills in 60 minutes each

Training packages are available everywhere. And since everyone wants to know how to code, there are literally hundreds of different courses, lectures, and training sessions that can help teach you the building blocks of this foundational ability.

However, most of us aren't very patient. We want the facts we need to know, we want them fast and we want all the basics of coding fed into us as quickly as humanly possible.  

That often means you want a down-and-dirty bootcamp-style crash course. And that's what the Zenva Academy is offering with The Complete One-Hour Coder Bundle.

No, it doesn't teach you all the fundamentals of training to become an actual programmer in just 60 minutes. But each of the six courses offered as part of this package do focus on a different critical discipline a developing coder needs to understand — and each course covers that discipline in only 1 hour.

C++ Foundations is a great place to start a coder education. A general-purpose language used heavily in both software and game development. This course goes to the heart of the C++ language, helping students grasp the C++ basics as they build a C++ project of their own to put their training to the test.

Next, CSS Foundations and HTML Foundations delve into these two bedrock coding skills, as CSS unlocks the methods for designing the stylesheet and aesthetics of a website so everything appears uniform from page to page; while HTML looks at this core pillar of web development that dictates how a webpage is structured and how it's fundamentally viewed online.

In Java Foundations, students turn their attention to Java, one of the key languages used in basic Android app development.  After being introduced to object-oriented concepts, terminology, and syntax, the training explains how to create Java programs for Android and other platforms.

Despite the names, Java and JavaScript are two very different things, as students learn in the JavaScript Foundations course. JavaScript is used to make webpages more animated and interactive as well as powering browser-based games, mobile games, and more. This training explains how to adapt JavaScript for both web and game development.

Finally, Python Foundations rounds out this web training with a look at the fastest growing computer language anywhere these days. Noted for its versatility, adaptability and integral role in data analysis and artificial intelligence, this course offers the Python basics needed to get users started with the language with an eye toward quickly building Python projects of their own.

This concise, yet comprehensive deep-dive into core programming basics are usually available for $200 each, but as a part of this bundle, all six courses are included now for just $34.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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