Get access to Streaming Services, a VPN Service, Fitness Classes, Playstation Plus, and More For 80% Off

It's no newsflash to say the world is full of entertainment options. Heck, just restricting yourself to the digital universe, there are hundreds, even thousands of ways to learn new skills, improve your life, and yes, just relax and veg out on videos whenever you like. 

But with that many options for entertaining yourself, where do you even begin? Well, you can start with an even dozen, as The Complete Entertainment Bundle ft. PlayStation Plus is packed with 12 apps absolutely stuffed with ways to entertain your mind, body and sense of fun.

How about some gaming to start things off? This huge collection begins with a one-year subscription to PlayStation Plus. As one of the premiere gaming platforms around, users get access to the hottest new games, can download two completely free games each month, get exclusive discounts and can even enjoy a free 100GB of cloud storage. 

Being out on the web in any form can open you up to cybercrime, so you can stay protected with coverage like VPN Unlimited. With this lifetime subscription, users can surf the web on VPN Unlimited's global network of over 500 servers with complete anonymity, their IP address cloaked from anyone trying to get access to their identity or private information. 

Before you get to hardcore fun, there are three apps here that can actually do more than just entertain.

First, with one year of the YogaDownload Unlimited Plan, users get access to over 1,700 of the web's top online yoga classes from your TV, computer or mobile device, including yoga, fitness, Pilates, barre and meditation classes designed for every fitness level, age, ability, time, and location.

Since you can't take advantage of that healthier you without a good night's sleep, there's a year of the Restflix Restful Sleep Streaming Service as well. Here, you get more than 20 live channels with expert-approved video and audio content to help you fall asleep, including soothing sounds, bedtime stories, sleep meditations and more.

And since there's lots of international film and television out there, it couldn't hurt to know what they're saying with a lifetime subscription to Memrise. With the Memrise three-step approach, you can start learning any of more than a dozen different languages naturally through vocabulary training, interaction with native speakers and oral language exercises.

But enough with all the vegetables…where's the dessert? This package has that too with three different streaming services of entertainment content to choose from. There's a year of Topic, featuring a wide library of movies and television gems from around the world; as well as12 months of History Hit TV, where history fans can find hundreds of history documentaries, interviews, and films. 

Or you can dive into a lifetime subscription to BitMar Elite Streaming, an all-in-one browser-based portal with ad-free access to literally millions of movies, TV shows, videos, music and games, all available through virtually any device.

When we say there's something for anyone, Relax My Dog proves we mean it, with hours of music and TV content designed for dogs. Created through seven years of research and already used by over 10 million dogs in more than 100 countries, this programming can actually help reduce a dog's anxiety and hyperactivity.

Having all that content is great, but you'll actually have an easier time watching it all with the final three apps in this collection, including Kast TV, which lets you create watch parties so you and all your friends can watch something together virtually, including Netflix, Hulu and other major streaming services.

There's also the Mac-centric media player Elmedia, which lets users play a wide range of audio and video formats with its hardware-accelerated decoding, which helps to avoid video slowdown or troubles with sound sync. And finally, Just Stream, another Mac-based app that allows you to mirror your Mac and anything you're playing on it directly to the largest TV screen in your home.

Access to all of these services would usually be cost-prohibitive to the tune of almost $1,000. But as part of this package, the entire collection is available now for over 70 percent off, just $274.69.

Prices are subject to change.

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