The KODAK PrintaCase Printer is a fun way to make your iPhone as unique as you

Mid October is too early for us to start in on holiday shopping suggestions. Oh, you'll get 'em all soon enough, trust us…but with more than two months before Santa rolls into town, we're not gonna hard sell you about the holidays.

However…if your shopping list may eventually include an artsy teen who's obsessed with their phone, we've got an idea that might just score you a huge hit.

The KODAK PrintaCase Printer can essentially turn a smartphone into a constantly evolving art project of changing phone case images, perfect for the hyper-individualized, mercurial life of a teen. Of course, it's also pretty fun for anybody else who gets bored staring at the same dull pattern on your smartphone case every day.

The whole process only takes a few minutes. Once you're synced to the KODAK PrintaCase app, you can scroll through your phone's photo gallery and find just the perfect image to use as your picture on your phone case. Once you've adjusted and positioned the image just the way you want it, the app send that file to your PrintaCase Printer, which uses a 4-pass full-color dye subprocess to print a 4×6 copy of the image with all the vibrancy you'd expect from a tiny, yet mighty photo printer.

The image is printed on a specially pre-treated page, so once it's printed, the user can easily punch out the picture from the paper, slide it right into the plastic phone case made especially for the user's phone, and with a snap — the case is fully personalized.

And yes, KODAK has special cases and printer paper made to fit all the most popular iPhone and Android models like a glove. You can get a kit made for users of the iPhone 11 (11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max or XR), X (X or XS, XS Max) or even the iPhone 8 or 7 (8 or 7, 8+ or 7+). As for Android users, there are kits for the Samsung Galaxy (S10 or S10+, S9 or S9+, or S8) or the Samsung Galaxy Note (10, or 9).

Thanks to a $10 savings, you can get The Kodak PrintaCase Printer right now for just $119.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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