Moog limited-edition theremin

The theremin is 100 years old, and Moog's celebrating the anniversary with a limited-edition model that looks like a 20th-century conversation piece.

Claravox Centennial is the most versatile Moog theremin in history. Switchable Traditional and Modern performance modes allow players to select between classic heterodyne analog oscillators and multimode DSP oscillators (sine, triangle, saw, wavetable) with assignable scales, quantization, and octave ranges. An analog wave-shaping circuit (derived from the legendary Etherwave Pro) imbues ethereal sonic character and empowers rich sound-sculpting possibilities, and the on-board analog BBD delay creates a wash of spiraling echoes and resounding warmth.

You'll be needing a Methuselah trust to go with it if you want one: it's $1500!