GoDaddy Websites + Marketing guide you gently into the world of digital marketing the right way

Starting a business is anxiety-inducing enough. But if you really want to get a new entrepreneur hyperventilating, just remind them they aren't only launching a small business. They're creating a brand. 

So what shape does that brand take, particularly in the largest advertising venue on the planet — the worldwide web? Having a defined, thoroughly considered digital marketing plan may be the single most important document you hold when you finally get your business up on its feet. But ask a new business owner what has to be part of that digital marketing plan and…well, that's where the shortness of breath of sleepless nights kick in.

Last year, web building titan GoDaddy launched an all-in-one solution to those panicked marketing fears and questions. Now, GoDaddy Websites + Marketing is ready to point the way, offering global entrepreneurs, non-profit groups, side-hustlers, the self-employed, the tech-phobic and the shoestring DIYers a complete collection of digital resources. You can help ensure the success of your enterprise without having to pour every second of your time into mastering every inch of the digital landscape.

Of course, any digital operation starts with a website. And as one of the long-time web hosting kings, GoDaddy Websites + Marketing can get you rolling in a big way. With over 100 modern, designer-made templates tailored by industry, you can build a professional-looking website in under an hour. With a host of built-in tools like automatic search engine optimization, email marketing, or even an online store or a feature for booking appointments online 24/7/365, your digital business home will have all the advantages of businesses 100 times your size.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. GoDaddy Websites + Marketing will help attract more customers by listing your business details on Google and Yelp. And, with their new Facebook and Instagram integration, you can automatically sync your entire online store into a convenient catalog, making it easy to tag featured products and create shoppable posts that will redirect customers to your online store to complete their purchase. Your inventory will also be automatically updated across platforms, so you never have to worry about accidentally overselling. Allowing customers to transact directly inside of the platform where they spend most of their time every day puts you at a huge advantage — having a nice website is crucial, sure, but making sure you show up on all the platforms your customers are on is what will really set you up for success? The traffic you gather from social media will have a meaningful impact on your visitor count, so don't overlook the importance of these integrations. 

On top of all of that, you'll have a single dashboard to monitor your customers and launch targeted marketing campaigns, track purchase history, create unique customer lists for promotions, do product announcements or loyalty programs and a whole lot more.

With GoDaddy Websites + Marketing in their corner, users saw 18 percent more revenue…which just may be the margin between thriving or not surviving for many small businesses.

Right now, you can go to the GoDaddy Websites + Marketing website and get started for free.