Edward Gorey's sets for the 1977 Broadway production of Dracula

Boing Boing contributor Mark Dery (author of the magnificent and definitive Gorey biography, Born to Be Posthumous) posted this link yesterday on social media. It's a piece on the website CrimeReads detailing the 1970s run of Dracula on Broadway with incredible (award-winning) sets and costume designs by Gorey.

The production was a smash; Langella was a sensation, and the production picked up a Tony award for Most Innovative Production of a Revival. But Gorey, whose designs (which now extended from sets and costumes to posters, playbills, and merchandise) were the show's other most central feature, won a Tony Award, himself, for costume design. The production ran three years on Broadway, with Raul Julia taking over as Dracula after Langella left. Just as Lugosi had, Langella would reprise this role in a film adaptation of the play, made in 1979. Touring productions in the United States starred Jeremy Brett and Jean LeClerc, and a West End production starred Terence Stamp.

Read the rest (which includes images of the sets from the Alley Theatre production of the play at the University of Houston, October 2014).

A paper toy theater of Gorey's sets and costumes was produced. Here's the Dracula story retold in the toy theater.

Image: Edward Gorey's Dracula Toy Theatre