These sculptures almost disappear when viewed head-on

Hoyoon Shin creates art made of razor-thin metal, paper, and plastic. From the side, they look solid, but from the front they reveal their emptiness.

In an artist's statement, he explained his philosophy:

I who get more interested in social phenomena approach the essence of them, realizing that the nearer I approach, the clearer there is no essence. I think it has already been intrinsic in me or you, being judged and evaluated by the inherent values in our things. Therefore, if examined in that viewpoint, it begins to be understood why the power group of Korea has wanted to split all kinds of social systems so much so far: the right and the left, social classes divided on its economic structure, dominance and subordination, etc. Looking at a solid body made up through several layers of the strange flowers above, we get to know that the system of the body is organized rather dangerously than strangely, and the system looks like the contemporary society. And its vacant surface and inside are getting filled with our inherent images to completion. In the end, it's a story about the situation and point where we fill a surface that doesn't exist, and console and satisfy ourselves.

Here's a timelapse of him creating a piece:

Check out his Instagram for more examples of this cool work.

Image: Instagram / h___ach_