This advanced data analytics trading can set you up for a great new career in 2021

If you want to understand the job market, there's no source more reliable than LinkedIn. So when data science and data analysis roles dominate the LinkedIn list of the fastest-growing jobs in the world, it's probably worth some consideration for job seekers.

Knowing the tools and processes that fuel the adoption of data analysis in virtually every job sector can be the key to getting hired quickly. The training in The 2021 Advanced Data Analyst Bundle could be groundwork that has you opening 2021 as an employed and well-compensated data analysis pro.

This package brings together five courses featuring almost 30 hours of content exploring data analysis basics all the way up through advanced applications.

When you're talking data today, that conversation almost always starts with the programming language at the current center of that explosion, Python. In Introduction to Python, new coders will get a complete overview of the language to understand why Python is at the heart of today's data analysis and business intelligence development. From practice exercises and mini-projects, even first time Python users will learn basic data types, understand how Python works with other programming languages, and then write their first Python script.

Even in a landscape of advanced data analytics platforms, there's still no more popular or resourceful environment for organizing and examining data than Microsoft Excel. Advanced Excel 2019 goes in-depth on how baseline Excel users can up their game by using detailed formatting tools, advanced lookup functions, and connect that work to other workbooks and datasets outside of Excel.

Next, Advanced PivotTables examines one of the most powerful Excel features, the data summarization and representation found in a pivot table. This course breaks it all down with refresher training to set up pivot tables, before moving to more complex operations for sorting data through grouping and ungrouping, using slicers and timelines, employing formulas, and more.

Finally, Power Pivot, Power Query and DAX in Excel digs into these three critical advanced Excel abilities. First, users linear to merge and clean data with Power Query, then handle calculations using DAX before finally displaying your analysis using pivot tables and charts.

And Power BI explores another Microsoft business intelligence tool for streamlining how complex data analysis gets down in just a few clicks.

A $450 value, this 2021 Advanced Data Analyst training is available now over 90 percent off its regular price, just $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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