Brilliant makes learning about math and science shockingly fun

You may have heard the old story that kids hate math. You may even assume that that's true. But the reality is, the "hatred" for math and related fields like science or computer science isn't quite what you think.

According to a survey of teenagers, almost half said they actually liked or even loved math, almost twice the number who disliked it. Of course, the true heart of the matter may come down to another finding from that survey, where almost 70 percent of those kids said they'd likely enjoy math even more if they actually understood how it applied to their future.

When you think about it, that makes a whole lot of sense. If you don't understand why something matters to your life, what are the odds you're going to care deeply about it?

Math, science and computer science are often misunderstood or "hated" because the learner never received the key to unlocking how to think about these challenging disciplines of knowledge and advancement. Brilliant understands that — and offers a fun, engaging way of learning that doesn't just teach professionals and students alike about math and the sciences. It teaches them how to think about math and the sciences.

Whether you want to launch a STEM career or just have a deeper understanding of these complex topics, Brilliant wants to help smart, creative individuals grasp those concepts through entertaining, yet challenging math, science, and engineering explorations.

Brilliant has assembled a roster of great teachers who illuminate the beating heart of math and science through bite-sized, interactive learning experiences.

For example, while the Computer Science Fundamentals course covers topics like concurrency, graph abstractions, decision trees and more, its main objective is to develop your problem-solving techniques so you can think like a computer scientist. The course follows decidedly unscience-y professionals like librarians, cooks and politicians to see how computer science problem-solving techniques affect their daily lives. And you'll even get your hands dirty with some specific algorithm work along the way.

Or take the Math Foundations courses like Logic, Algebra, Geometry and Probability.  Through unique interactive quizzes and exercises, you'll ultimately be able to spot logical fallacies, navigate some strategic game theory, understand machine logic, fairness, and expected value, and even use symmetry to simplify problems.

You'll experiment with pendulum clocks to master the physics of motion. Or you'll use rockets to model algebraic functions. Or you'll learn probability by playing casino blackjack. How better to learn about these ideas than to experience them firsthand?

Brilliant aims to cultivate a world of better learners, thinkers, and problem solvers. And if this engaging learning kicks open a new world of thought or even a new professional trajectory, everyone considers that a win-win.

You can dive into Brilliant's library of over 60 courses by heading to the Brilliant website. Right now, if you're among the first 200 to sign up, you'll also get 20 percent off an annual subscription.